2011-06-18 04:00:43University of Colorado adjusts sea level rates


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Fox News interpretation


Seems like something that will blow over quickly. Not sure if it's worth an SS analysis or not?

2011-06-18 04:38:19
Paul D


Last night I was adding the 2010 data to my plot of the local tidal gauge here.
It seems to be slowing, leveling out here. Not that it means alot as far as the big picture is concerned.

Ever since the gauge was installed, it has been going up and down over the years with a general upward trend overall.

2011-06-18 05:05:05
Dana Nuccitelli

Oh Fox News.  Why the hell would they even think about interviewing this guy?

James M. Taylor, a lawyer who focuses on environmental issues for the Heartland Institute.

You're asking a lawyer from a right-wing think tank about sea level rise measurements?  WTF?  Christy's point was actually reasonable - it just depends whether you're concerned about sea volume, or sea level at the coasts, and really the more important measure is the latter.  But it's such a trivial difference.

Then of course Fox lets Taylor throw in the "sea level rise hasn't accelerated" myth.  I hate Fox.

2011-06-18 05:07:08


How many hats does John Christy have - now he's suddenly a sea level expert as well.

Perhaps another Christy Crocks post?

Christy comments:

- "To me… sea level rise is what's measured against the actual coast," he told FoxNews.com.

- "That's what tells us the impact of rising oceans."

I would argue this one needs a follow up, mostly because Christy is the "expert" commenter here - not quite sure how to adress this, but first of all it is a bit strange to use Christy as an expert on this issue, second the true sea level is important as not every sea level floor is sinking, and certainly not by the same rate. To argue that sea level rise should be given as something relative to the cost is just nonsense.

2011-06-18 05:43:10


An outline for a new Christy Crocks article:

Christy Crock #7 - sea level rise

- Short background for the article

- Introduction to sea level rise and why it's happening

- Why sea level rise is not uniform (should bring in that sea level floor is sinking as more water has been added to the oceans [end of last ice age], and that land is rising due to loss of ice on top of land)

- Why it is important to mesure the totalt amount of water which is added to the oceans (ocean floor is not sinking every where, and that the total water amount added to to the ocean tells a bit on how much eneregy the oceans accumulate [thermal expansion])

- Why arguing for a global reference to costal areas is impossible (as a reference - global temperature rise is not local temperature rise)

- Comment on why Fox news would use Christy as a commenter on sea level rise (?)

- Bring it together, and a conclusion

Well, something within these lines, if anyone agrees (that this could be a new Christy Crock article)...

2011-06-18 07:17:32Oslo
John Hartz
John Hartz

What you have outlined looks good to me. I do, however, believe it is importnat to add something about SLR being concentrated around the equator due to centrifigul forces and the increased oblateness of the Eath as a result.   

2011-06-18 07:29:25Badgersouth


I assume that you as well agree that this article should be a Christy Crock article? There are several angles on this article but the Christy Crock line seems natural to me, but I would like to have a second opinion on that thought.

2011-06-18 07:45:08Oslo
John Hartz
John Hartz

Draft it as a Christy Crock article and see how everyone reacts to it.

2011-06-18 08:10:29Badgersouth


Well, there seems to be me arguing for this, so I guess I need to do the work.

I'll write up an article during the weekend, and then the more experienced writers can shut me down on monday ;-)

(perhaps I'm to modest - I have written more than 4000 comments on norwegian bulletin boards during the last year, so I might not be completely incompetent - hopefully).

2011-06-18 08:54:55
Dana Nuccitelli

Sounds good to me.  In the Fox news section, I'd mention that the Fox article also interviewed a lawyer from Heartland - totally unqualified to speak intelligently on the subject, and from a biased think tank.  This reveal Fox's bias, and why they also chose to interview Christy, who isn't a sea level expert either.  This portrays Christy as the go-to climate scientist for denialists (which he is).