2011-06-18 03:23:25Drift over to the Peer Review database threads
Paul D


Grist, DeSmog and Science Progress all have covered the interactive data visualisation as a repost or as a new article.


Still looking for others.

2011-06-18 03:34:08
Dana Nuccitelli

Nice!  I added DeSmog to the list of re-posts.  Looks like John already added the others.

2011-06-18 03:48:08
Paul D


Looks like Richard Littlemore actually spent some time playing with it.

2011-06-18 04:38:58Seems to me...
John Hartz
John Hartz

SkS should repost something from DeSmog Blog in return. It would be the first step in creating a SkS-DeSmog Bl;og partnership.

We discussed the potential for creating a SkS-DeSmog Blog partnership in DeSmog Blog's Disinformation Database

2011-06-18 04:52:33
Paul D


All I can think of is that the flare up in RSI and pulling my hair out trying to solve some difficult coding problems was worth it :-)
I thought at the start it could get around a bit, but was beginning to think it wasn't upto the job.

Seems like our work has paid off.

2011-06-18 08:17:23Next week call
John Cook

Hoping to do a skype group call with a few people including someone from desmogblog where we'll discuss ideas on possible collaborations. In fact, if SkSers want to put their thinking caps on and brainstorm creative ideas on how we could partner, would be great as I can bring up the ideas at the meeting. Some half formed thoughts I've had:

Expand http://sks.to/skeptics to include desmogblog profile info
Desmogblog use SkS info on their site (eg - climate myth quotes + SkS one liners)
Create an API feed of denier info that others can use to display in active ways
Release an iPad app, a definitive resource on climate deniers and their organizations (hey, a nerd can dream)

any other crazy ideas?