2011-06-18 22:03:38Bonn Climate Talks Fail to Resolve Future of Kyoto Protocol -- ENS
John Hartz
John Hartz

BONN, Germany, June 17, 2011 (ENS) - Climate talks over the past 10 days have made "clear advances on key issues" and identified issues that require "high-level political leadership" ahead of the United Nations' annual climate summit in Durban in December, the UN's top climate official said today. Environmental groups say progress in Bonn was "uneven" at best and "poisonous" at worst.

On the final day of the Bonn talks, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC, said governments are realizing that the link between negotiations on mitigation under the UN Climate Change Convention and mitigation under the Kyoto Protocol must be addressed to reach a global solution.

Source: Bonn Climate Talks Fail to Resolve Future of Kyoto Protocol, ENS, June 17,2011

Did anyone expect otherwise?

2011-06-18 22:27:16
Rob Painting

Mate, they'll continue to piss-arse around until it's too late. I don't expect anything from the politicians, it's people-power we'll need to harness. We've got to find a way to provide an alternative to the MSM - whining about their Jekyll & hyde reporting ain't gonna cut it.

2011-06-18 23:10:49Rob Painting
John Hartz
John Hartz

I totally agree with you. Massive worldwide demonstrations akin to what took place in Egypt may be the only way to move the body politic into action.

2011-06-19 01:53:50My article on how developing world has made bigger emission reductions than the industrial countries
Stephen Leahy


From Bonn:  Developing Countries Pledging More Emissions Cuts Than Industrial North