2011-06-17 01:47:43The Denier Gospel in the USA
John Hartz
John Hartz

The following captures the essence of the gospel being preached by climate deniers in the USA. Don't you wish you too could live in Denierville where everything is peachy keen and the future is bright?

The below was posted on the comment thread to Al Gore praises Romney on climate Politico, June 15, 2011. I suspect it was cut & paste from one of the climate denier websites.

To acknowledge that the Planet is trending warmer is not a Policy position that contravenes the essence of Conservative thought! 


For the last 150 years, our climate has been rebounding from the Maunder Minimum, a measurable cooling period of 300 years known as the Little IceAge - the fact remains that due to natural causes, Planet Earth has undergone major Climate Change in the past and it will do so again. The issues then become: What is the primary cause of this Warming? What are the contributing factors of Climate Change? Are these changes due primarily to Natural Causes or does Human Activity affect our Climate in some profound way?


Does our activity on Earth contribute to Climate change? 


The answer to this is: Yes!... marginally! In some small ways we do contribute to Climate Change - just as Mount St. Helen is the largest contributor of GHGs in Washington State or a herd of Giraffes on the Serengeti will strip every tree bear of foliage up to a height of 20 ft. for miles. Truth is every species has a measurable impact on its Environment in some way - just as two bodies clashing in space will be forever changed by their contact. 


But to falsely place the majority of the blame on CO2 emissions and to then advocate for wholesale changes to our Commercial and Industrial productivity is to invite the challenge and the skepticism of those who truly rely on the objectivity of the Scientific Method. Consensus should never be a product of Political agendas driven by ideology and influence. Many of our Scientists, Climatologists, Politicians and Bureaucrats have been subverted and corrupted by the funding allotted to solving the Climate Change issue - and in retrospect, we are beginning to realize that all of the funding in the world will not mitigate the effects of what is predominantly a Natural Process. 


To advocate for Cap and Trade Policies that would restructure and place the American Economy at a distinct competitive disadvantage based on the false premise that CO2 is the leading Contributor for Climate Change is merely Big Government expanding its quest for power and compelling us to contribute more in taxes to a Leviathan that already confiscates too much of our individual wealth. 


The data shows us that CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere are measured at about 4% of the volume of the (6) primary Greenhouse Gases in our atmosphere. Only 3% of this CO2 total is man-made - the other 97% is produced naturally. Using basic math, this puts mankind's contribution of CO2 as measured against the total GHG's in our atmosphere at a little over 1/10th of 1 percent. And this is deemed to be catastrophic by the Democrats and their Environmental and Legal Lobbyists.


The fact remains that Carbon Dioxide is imperative for the continued survival of the planet - every plant essentially breathes in CO2 - they absorb the Carbon molecule and exhale 02, thus virtually acting as the Oxygen scrubbers for our planet. CO2 is also soluble in water and forms the very foundation of the food chain within our oceans. Without CO2 our oceans would be dead - as would the rest of the planet.

But Environmental Activists and Progressives alike don't see the formulation of policy in moderate terms - they see only the utopian ends and they will use any means possible to achieve those ends. In fact, it is no longer a battle over just Environmental policy - instead the issue has morphed into an ideological cornerstone for the advocates of Social Justice. 

The Environmental Movement and the EPA's regulatory reach are the mechanisms that now inhibit much of the Capital Investment in America. If one could encumber capital investment then the jobs and the wealth would go elsewhere. - What a concept!... At the heart of the Environmental Movement is an Anti-Capitalist ideology that bubbles up from the ranks of it's Advocates and into the various Bureaucracies that formulate and implement policy.

The Democrats and the Progressive wing of it’s party DO NOT own the narrative on Environmental Policy - they are instead held captive by the voices who shout from within their own party even as the Bureaucrats work to implement policies that diminish the economic health of the country. 

America must realize that in allowing vast bureaucracies to encumber our Industrial and Commercial production - we in effect give sanction to outsourcing our jobs and capital to competing nations; a strategy that is sure to undermine the economic and social foundations of the entire nation and ultimately diminish the prosperity that we endeavor to pass onto our children.