2011-06-16 04:46:45This is good
Andy S


Volcanic versus anthropogenic carbon dioxide

I particularly like the comparison between global volcanic emissions and those from cars and pick-ups, or those from 24 coal power stations, or Poland. This could make for a good SkS graphic. I long ago promised John an advanced rebuttal on volcanic emissions and maybe this will give me a kick in the (re)butt.

I also like the observation that for Plimer-scale numbers of volcanic emisions; the (well-constrained) amount of magma emitted globallywould have to include an extra 30% by weight of CO2, which is absurd and would make eruptions at mid-ocean ridges very explosive (which it generally is not).

By the way, I emailed the author, Terry Gerlach, when I wrote my basic rebuttal on volcanoes but he did not reply.