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I thought I would start a seperate thread about Phillip Bratby (retired nuclear energy scientist/consultant), having hijacked the Lynas/Ipcc one.


I found this comment he made on the BBC site in March 2009. The article is by scientist Mike Hulme who worked at the Univeristy of East Anglia. The article is before the CRU was hacked (Nov 2009). From what I remember, there was a preliminary conference early in 2009.


The whole jamboree was a political scam, pre-designed to scare the world about a problem for which there is no scientific evidence. Man-made global warming does not exist. The BBC should report it as such in its headlines, and not just go along with this scam.
Dr Phillip Bratby, Tiverton England


June 2009, Campaign to Protect Rural England question to Ed Miliband, (Labour still in power, Ed I think was enviroment minister). Bratby posts a comment/question:



See my response to question 1. There is no problem with carbon (I assume you mean carbon dioxide). It is a vital constituent of the atmosphere which is essential for all plant life and hence for all animal life. Increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will enhance plant growth and by the laws of physics, cannot, due to the logarithmic IR absorption characteristsic of carbon dioxide, have a significant effect on the atmospheric temperature.

The most important so-called “greenhouse gas” is water vapour. Maybe you noticed that the recent mini-heatwave was helped along by the high humidity which kept it warm at night. You may also notice that when the air is dry and the sky is clear at night, it cools rapidly, since all that carbon dioxide does not retain the heat. Of course, water vapour condensed into clouds also helps to retain heat at night.

You can see the effect most clearly in the tropics – the high humidity keeps it hot day and night. You can see the opposite effect in deserts – it gets very hot during the day as there is no water to evaporate and keep things a bit cooler, but at night the heat is radiated away and it gets very cold. Carbon dioxide again has negligible effect, it’s only water vapour that has any effect.

Bratby again on a petition to stop a wind farm:


We have been fighting these things (wind farms) for years, but Government policy outweighs all logical arguments against the destruction of our countryside and the ruination of the economy.

To stop them we must repeal the Climate Change Act and drop the EU renewable energy targets.


And here Bratby offers some 'positive' advice on a wind project


No one raises the issue that he worked in nuclear energy in that sequence and someone refers to his submission to parliament, the one about his view that wind energy is crap. The submission in which he failed to mention his past occupation.

The trouble is, this guy gets around, he has a big ego and has the time to respond to government consultations. Yet the vast majority of people haven't a clue about his background or his agenda unless they bother to search.

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Paul D


Another classic:


I can tell him that I am a retired physicist, with no personal agenda and that as a result of years of study of the physics of the climate, I am sceptical of man-made global warming. The climate is driven by the laws of physics and so I judge that I am more qualified than Jim Thomas to understand climate change.

No agenda??