2011-06-16 10:37:15Anyone want a climate job working for the NCSE in Oakland, California?
John Cook


Help wanted: Climate Change Programs and Policy Director

NCSE seeks candidates for our Climate Change Programs and Policy Director.

The Climate Change Programs and Policy Director’s duties will include:

  • counseling teachers, administrators, parents, and other concerned citizens facing challenges to climate change education;
  • providing information on climate change, climate literacy, and related issues to the general public, the press, and allied educational, scientific, and environmental organizations;
  • developing materials pertaining to climate change education for print and web;
  • speaking to the press and general public
  • representing NCSE to the climate science, climate literacy, and environmental education communities;
  • coördinating with policymakers, advocacy groups, educators, and scientists regarding policies which could harm or benefit accurate climate science education.

Candidates must have at least a college degree; advanced degrees in climate science or climate science education are pluses. A record of involvement in climate literacy efforts, and of addressing attacks on the scientific consensus about climate change, is also a plus. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, are necessary, as are a high degree of computer literacy (including the use of social media) and the ability to work coöperatively. Travel and public speaking will be required.

This is a full-time permanent position with medical, dental, and retirement benefits in Oakland, California, to start as soon as possible. Telecommuting is not an option. Salary will be commensurate with skills and experience and comparable with similar positions in similarly sized non-profits in the Bay Area.

Send c.v., brief writing sample, and the names of three references to NCSE, either by mail to NCSE, 420 40th Street, Suite 2, Oakland CA 94609-2509, by fax to (510) 601-7204, or by e-mail to climate@ncse.com. No calls, please. Materials must arrive by August 15, to be considered. Anticipated start date is mid-September. NCSE is an equal opportunity employer.

2011-06-16 12:11:52Thanks, I think (not fancying to move cross-country to LaLa land)
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

What does it pay?


Whatthehell, still looking for a job anyway.  Might as well put in for it...

2011-06-16 13:46:04
Julian Brimelow

Go for it Daniel!

2011-06-16 14:39:43
Dana Nuccitelli

No no no Daniel, Los Angeles is LaLa Land.  Oakland is like 8 hours further north, near SF.  The whole Bay Area is a pretty great place to live, if you ask me (though some parts of Oakland are a bit run down).  If I didn't already have a good job, I'd totally put in for this one.  Rob H will back me up - the Bay Area rocks.

2011-06-16 18:43:17


Gee, I'm actually from Oakland. It's right next to Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area; but not as expensive.