2011-06-16 16:53:59Any of you guys involved in nuclear weapons design?
John Cook


There's this little mosquito Nik from NYC who seems to be trolling the Internet slagging me off. I'm not really fussed but this comment from The Conversation really came out of left field:

Just for fun I'll append yet another "evil funding money" line, to make today's presentation complete:

"SkepticalScience.com" = overlaps with a nuclear weapons design firm now getting $300 million green energy contracts.

I kid you not. One of John's partners there does work for such a firm, according to a blurb on him attached to one of his articles. I can't find the name of it here again though.

What the?!?! I have no idea what he's talking about! The only possible explanation I can think of is by "one of John's partners", he means an SkS author and one of you do work for a nuclear weapons design firm. So fess up, anyone here working on WMDs? :-)

2011-06-16 18:24:20
Ari Jokimäki


So, John, are you having a slow day or why are you reading this nonsense? ;)

2011-06-16 18:49:05


I remember somebody on our internal forum a week or so ago, wondering whether he ought to confess to receiving retirement checks from the CIA? I interpreted it as a joke.

2011-06-16 19:05:57Slow day? What is this "slow day" of which you speak?
John Cook

I wish, Ari! No, someone emailed me about that comment which piqued my curiosity where it could possibly come from. But then, people make stuff up all the time so I shouldn't assume it's rational or based on reality.
2011-06-16 19:30:59
John Mason


I've run into that NikNYC troll in several places of late. Extreme right-wing anti-pretty-much-everything so far as I can gather!

Cheers - John

2011-06-16 20:28:52


Are you asking to design a nuclear weapon to blow Nik from NYC out? I'm going to help :)

On the serious side, I bet he's just another paid troll. In one of his ranting he talks about a firm involved, not a person. He's just shooting high to spread the word lie more easily. Let's ignore him hoping he won't get much traction.

2011-06-16 21:57:20Hmmm...
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

When I worked for the US Department of Defense, the last 3 years was under CIA management.  I joked about it once on the Forum here.  But the checks came from the Air Force.

2011-06-16 23:36:07
Paul D


I assume he believes he picked something on the comments of the main pages.

Unless someone here has said something outside the forum and it filtered through to him.

I reckon he has just made it up to see if anyone from here bites.

2011-06-17 01:49:43FYI
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

NikFromNYC's comments can be found here.

2011-06-17 02:25:24
Alex C


No, it's Dana.  The commenter was using his employment with Tetra Tech as a route for personal attack when TreeHugger reproduced his article here.

I don't know much about Tetra Tech, maybe Dana could provide more info.

Some interesting comments about you too John.  Apparently someone has a beef with you guys.


Edit: Just noticed it's the same person.

2011-06-17 03:08:40
Rob Honeycutt


Ooooh...  I definitely know that guy (in the virtual sense of the word).  He's right out of the movie Conspiracy Theory.  He has a ton of charming little web pages that he's put up that link AGW to Charles Manson, Nazis, and lots of other stuff.  He's one of the top fruitcakes out there.

2011-06-17 03:14:20
Rob Honeycutt


A few examples:





2011-06-17 03:35:52Motl reply to TreeHugger post


Just found a recent reply from Lubos Motl to Dana's TreeHugger post:

"Luboš Motl · Rutgers University

Shaun, Dana Nuccitelli wasn't talking about the real world and real science. He was obviously talking about the world of John Kook and Skeptical Science. In that world, only CO2 influences the climate and it's warming it by thousands of degrees per year."
Another example that Motl isn't inhabiting the same universe as we are.....
2011-06-17 06:29:11Link, Baerbel?
John Cook


Would be interested to see that Motl quote.

Actually, scratch that. Not that interested. There was a time, for some strange reason, I thought Motl was an intelligent person (I was taken in with the "string theory expert" meme). Since then, his behaviour has convinced me otherwise.

But substituting C with K in my surname - now that's clever! :-)

2011-06-17 07:11:44
Alex C


The story is the one that I gave, John - my link is Baerbel's.

On the side note of String Theory, this cartoon has always been a favorite of mine.  Ironically, it has many parallels with climate science.  "Skeptics" love to come up with hypotheses but never seem to like to study their implications.