2011-06-15 22:46:09The Missing Heat -- New denier ammunition???
John Hartz
John Hartz

Per ususal, climate denier bloggers troll in pairs. heian120 has joined forces with Sawdustking on the comment thread to "Are progressives in denial about climate change?", Huffington Post,  June 10, 2011.

Have all of the articles cited by heian120 in the following been addressed in existing SkS articles?

your data points up the real problem. If there was real warming there would be more ocean heating – so where is it?

Missing Heat - NPR


Ocean Heat Content Adjustment­s: Follow-up and More Missing Heat



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2011-06-15 23:27:33
Paul D


The reply link you give is specificly for you. It is broken for everyone else.

2011-06-16 00:22:56
Rob Painting

Badger, see Trenberth and Fasullo's 2011 paper (not yet published) Tracking Earth’s energy: From El Niño to global warming 

They reckon the heat is disappearing into the deep ocean, but our observing system isn't yet adequate.

Even with all the new spiffy argo floats (which have proven problematic before - just ask Josh Willis), they are still experiencing technical difficulties with a 2nd pressure sensor problem (leak) which affect many floats deployed over a 4 year period. The pressure sensor fault induces a cooling bias in the data.

Now back to Trenberth & Fasullo - check out their NCAR climate model simulations - periods of stasis appear in the warming trend projected for the 21st century. In particular look at figure 7 - the surface waters cool while the deep ocean undergoes rapid warming, and then it flip-flops back to a warming surface again. They suggest that this is coupled to the PDO's negative phase and La Nina. The mechanism involved isn't discussed, but will be in another paper. I look forward to that, it has me really curious.

No one seems to have all the answers at the moment, but unless something magical has happened the Earth is going to keep on getting warmer, stasis or no stasis. 

2011-06-16 00:23:07Paul D
John Hartz
John Hartz

You can access the article and comment thread by either clicking on the article title in my initial post, or by going to:


2011-06-16 01:18:41
Dana Nuccitelli

We have a relevant rebuttal to "oceans are cooling" and a blog post Tracking the energy from global warming.

2011-06-16 01:41:01
Julian Brimelow

To add to the others, Roy Spencer's unvetted blog post  amounts to nothing more than cherry-picking.

Re the allegation that the temperature is not appropriate metric, there is some validity in that, but there are many other indicators that point to warming...ice loss, season changes, migration changes, increases in SSTs and OHC (over long periods), increase in water vapour in the atmosphere, coral bleaching events.  These are all discussed at some point at SkS.

Show them the long-term warming of the global oceans over suitable period for calculating trends:


The folks who you are dealing with are trying very hard to confuse, misdirect and obfuscate, and to do so they are floating red herrings, arguing strawmen .

Note that none of their links go to vetted science sites, or peer-reviewed published in the the scientific literature that have not been debunked ort are not guilty of cherry picking (e.g., Knox and Douglass does not qualify as a reliable or reputable source and is an excellent example of cherry picking).

There is a new paper out by von Shuckmann and La Traon that I recommend you read first and then cite.

There is also a new paper in the works by another expert in the area of OHC (Palmer), but I do not think that is for public consumption yet.  Its findings are not going to be popular with "skeptics".  Basically the take-home point is that we have to, we must, look deeper than 700 m to fully account for all the energy in the system, go deeper and you can explain much, much more of the observed changes in TOA.

Lastly, Tamino has a good post on this.

2011-06-16 02:28:22Albatross
John Hartz
John Hartz

Thanks for all the excellent suggestions. 

BTW, the Huffington Post comment thread system does not allow for the posting of graphics.

2011-06-16 03:01:22
Julian Brimelow

Badger, you can always just paste the URL for the URL graphic.