2011-06-14 18:17:56Australian death threats and other stories
Paul D


Shocking stuff from Australia:


"Two of the most shocking cases involved young women who have had little media experience or exposure. One was invited to speak on climate change at a suburban library. Her brief was simple - talk about everyday things people can do to cut their carbon footprint, talk about climate books available at the library (list provided), leave time for questions, and mingle afterwards. The other woman was asked by a local newspaper to pose with her young children for a photograph to illustrate an article promoting a community tree-planting event. She was briefly quoted as saying planting trees could help mitigate climate change. Two days after the article appeared, she received emails containing threats of sexual assault and violence against her children

As for the woman speaking at the library, her car windscreen was smeared with excrement - animal or human, does it matter? - and the words ''climate turd'' written (also in excrement) across the car bonnet. Proof perhaps, of a climate dissenter with a Freudian complex indicating arrested development."

I have to say that I have never heard of such stuff in the UK. I just can not imagine it to be honest. I assume it is a one off case and that the majority of Australians would be supporting planting trees and doing talks in the community. Heated debates are one thing, but physical and verbal abuse are another.

Most of my encounters with nagative attitudes have been quite short and I have never had any abusive emails or other attacks. Most people I know are either neutral or supportive of planting trees.