2011-06-12 02:27:25Merkel Says Germany Needs 20GW of Fossil-Fuel Power Plants Over Next 10 Years
Dana Nuccitelli

In phasing-out its nuclear power, Germany is replacing much of it with coal and natural gas.  Big mistake, IMO.  I've asked Baerbel if she'd be interested in writing a post on this news.

2011-06-12 03:23:28Not sure....


... about writing a blog-post on this. I think we all agree that shutting down nuclear power plants just to then replace parts of their capacity with coal fired power plants is a very bad idea - as mentioned in the treehugger post. It's basically getting "out of the frying pan and into the fire" (for lack of a better expression to the German "Den Teufel mit dem Belzebub austreiben").

At the moment, the new engergy legislation for Germany is being discussed, so Merkel's plan isn't finalised yet. I'm fairly certain that there will be some push-back by eg. the Greens and parts of the Social Democrats to new coal fired power plants. Unfortunately, both parties are currently in the opposition, so they can only influence the process on the federal/state level.

On the other hand, the construction of some already planned coal fired power plants has been successfully stopped in the last two years by activists due to climate concerns. So, even if Merkel wants these plants it is not a given that she'll actually get them!

Having said that, these are just my musings and gut-feelings, so I don't know if any of that is worth a blog-post - not to mention one that is up to SkS-standards!