2011-06-12 00:21:23Deniers go to Bonn Climate Talks
Stephen Leahy


I'll be there tomorrow at the UNFCCC talks and surprised to see the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) doing a special side event in Bonn June 13 on New Developments in Climate ScienceThe Cloud Mystery (documentary by Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen, Denmark 2008). 

I know CFACT - they feature Willie Soon saying mercury in coal can't hurt you -- but don't know anything about this doc. Anyone? 

2011-06-12 00:32:36CFACT Europe Presents Climate Science Briefing in Bonn
Stephen Leahy


The European branch of CFACT have been very busy in Bonn i.e. their science briefing "build upon the analysis of Professor S. Fred Singer and provide information on the geological record, solar activity and the big question — is our climate governed by man or nature?" - watch video presentation from Bonn (if you can stand it).

They should just run the halls yelling 'go home...nothing to see here' 

2011-06-12 06:15:00


Interesting that the article doesn't identify Soon as being associated with the Harvard Smithsonian observatory.

What a whore!