2011-06-11 08:23:35McLean report, September 2007 (updated October '07) - "An Analysis of the Review of the IPCC 4AR WG I Report"
Alex C


On the "I'm A Climate Scientist" video, this came up in the comments.  I had a look through of the paper and am personally not very impressed by the analysis McLean put into the report (such as the dismissal of reviewers based on unsupported potential conflicts of interest, the conclusion that a certain small number of reviewers supported the conclusion of Chapter 9 of AR4's WGI without discussion on if that was even their job, a lot of "one has to wonder," so on).  I was wondering though (hm, ironic...) if there have been any formal rebuttals to this report.  The discussion is getting quite annoying in the comments section.

2011-06-11 13:23:15
Dana Nuccitelli

Never seen it before.  This is the McLean who said the average global temperature would drop 0.8°C between 2010 and 2011.  And of course the McLean of the dismal McLean et al. ENSO paper.  Dude's a dolt.