2011-06-10 03:02:49Stay calm. Do not think. Do not adjust to reality - reality must adjust to you. Then you too can be a denier:
Tom Curtis


H/t to Coby Beck: http://scienceblogs.com/illconsidered/2011/06/watch_this.php


2011-06-10 03:05:20
Rob Honeycutt


Just watched the exact same video posted on Peter Sinclair's blog.

2011-06-10 03:27:45
Julian Brimelow

It is well done-- not sure about making reference to tornadoes as part of the evidence though (data are simply not good enough)-- so, quite rightly, "skeptics" have already pounced on that.  Had they said "severe thunderstorms", they might have made amore compelling and scientifically accurate case.  Misses like this just allow contrarians and deniers to argue and an excellent opportunity to communicate a very real problem might be lost.

They did not mention floods in South America and China-- but they'd probably run out of time if they were to mention all the major weather-related diastsers in the last year or so.

All that said, great video though.

Someone going to post this on one of the two current threads on denial? 

2011-06-10 03:57:42Nice!
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Posted it on the There's No Room For a Climate of Denial thread: