2011-06-10 06:30:15Sen. James Inhofe to Kick Off Heartland Institute Denier Fest
Stephen Leahy


FYI - from their press release -- watch the fun on the live webstream -- Steve

MEDIA ADVISORY: Sen. James Inhofe to Kick Off
Heartland Institute’s 6th International Conference on Climate Change

WHAT: Sixth International Conference on Climate Change

WHERE: Marriott Wardman Park, 2660 Woodley Road NW, Washington, DC

WHEN: June 30 and July 1, 2011

HOW: Click here to register for media credentials

Sen. James Inhofe, R-OK, among the biggest critics of global warming alarmism in Congress, confirmed this week he will kick off The Heartland Institute’s sixthInternational Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-6) with a breakfast keynote address. Heartland will live-stream starting at 8:00 a.m. June 30.

2011-06-10 06:41:19


The right man in the right place

2011-06-10 07:15:56
Julian Brimelow

OMG, this is beautiful.  In one sweep they show their true agenda and destroy their credibility.  Just when I thought them having Tim Ball as one of their key attendees was awful.

And the irony, their alleged mission statement for this denierfest is "Restoring the scientific method" and to this end they choose Inhofe (an anti-science ideologue) to start off their conference?

I may be missing some sneaky strategy here, but surely this is just a plain stupid idea that is going to backfire?

2011-06-10 07:54:02
Dana Nuccitelli

 A wholly appropriate choice.

2011-06-10 08:41:58You can bet your sweet bippy...
John Hartz
John Hartz

that Sen. Imhoff will get a mighty nice honorium for this appearance. 

Albatross: The primary purpose of this conference is to energize the troops. It's basically a political rally.

2011-06-10 09:08:21
Julian Brimelow

Right you are Badger.

Funny too how they accuse the real scientists of making the science political (which they are not for the most part), and here they invite a high profile Republican to their 'science' conference.  It is so not about the science for them.  Pathetic that they are so deluded as to think that they can get away with it.

Here is an idea.  They are talking about restoring the "scientific method" right.  So perhaps SkS or someone else (JC put the feelers out) can show each and every example (OK, maybe not all of them, there will probably be too many) of how the "science" presented at the conference is the anti-thesis of ,or inconsistent with, or fails to adhrere to the "scientific method".

Weather looks toasty for the easterrn sea board for the next two weeks....would be funny (although meaningless) if the conference took place during another heat wave.  What would be revelant if the conference took place during a record heat wave.....