2011-06-09 09:06:40Heartland Institute launch a Climate Wiki
John Cook


Pretty sickening - they label it "The Definitive Climate Change Encyclopedia"


For a good laugh, check out their lists of skeptical scientists compared to their list of alarmist scientists.

H/T to Steve Leahy who emailed this to me from Germany.

2011-06-09 09:15:23Does John Cook's
John Hartz
John Hartz

name appear on the list of alarmist scientists?

2011-06-09 09:25:37
Dana Nuccitelli

They only have Freeman Dyson on there so far, badger.

Looks like this is going to be the climate analogue of Conservapedia.  Hopefully it will become as much of a joke.

By the way, Conservapedia "Article of the month":

Similarities between Communism, Nazism and liberalism

That site always gives me a good laugh :-)

2011-06-09 10:56:11


It boggles the mind that they would consider Dyson an "alarmist". It probably only means that the site is still under construction.

2011-06-09 11:16:32


"It’s easy to get confused by all the scientific arguments and conflicting claims."

If only more people studied linguistics they would see the strong implication in this grammatical construct:

the conflicting claims are not scientific. :-)


Any site that mentions Al Gore as their starting point for climate science history gets an automatic F for fail from me, and then I stop reading.

2011-06-09 12:28:14
Alex C


>>>We created this site to help everyone from high school students to scientists working in the field to quickly find the latest and most reliable information on this important topic.

I'm almost insulted that they would label my demographic first as one that could benefit from the wiki.

Had a look at their dark ages cold period page, anyways.  At least they don't self-reference their skeptical scientists extensively (so far).  Makes you wonder though where Campbell, for instance, is on either list.  Or where the other researchers are (i.e. why they're not there).  Maybe it is still under construction, but it goes to show where their priorities are when they have the entire skeptic page filled out and only one in the "alarmist" category.  I'm actually going to take a screenshot or two.  Maybe we can make a later post on it.

And MAN are they milking any study they can that implies the MWP was warmer than today.

2011-06-09 21:23:43
Alex C


Another observation I just made too is that their "climate change website" page has only "skeptical" links in it.  I'm kind of surprised though they don't have WUWT yet.

2011-06-09 21:34:53
Paul D


ClimateWiki is moderated and edited by The Heartland Institute, a free-market think tank with offices in Chicago and Washington, DC.


Sums up the lunacy of the freemarket ideology really. They don't practice what they preach.

2011-06-09 23:12:47About the Heartland Institute...
John Hartz
John Hartz

The Heartland Institute has a long history of shilling for corporate lepers. Since 1993, it has received $190,000 from Philip Morris USA and maintains a smokers' rights section on its website called "The Smoker's Lounge." Its global warming section is more active. It features a handy list of denial talking points ("Scores of peer-reviewed studies contradict global warming alarmism") and links to full-page ads Heartland has run in the Washington Post decrying the media for hyping "false claims of impending 'planetary emergencies.'"

Heartland, which has received $670,000 from ExxonMobil and its foundations since 1998, views itself as a bulwark against a leftist domino effect. "Fighting global warming extremism is essential," its website says, "if we are to stop a resurgence of radical environmentalism and left liberalism on a wide range of other public policy issues." 

Source: The Dirty Dozen of Climate Change Denial – No. 7: The Heartland Institute, Mother Jones, Dec 4, 2009



2011-06-10 02:16:13
Julian Brimelow

Great, more BS to refute....