2011-06-08 14:38:58Watts borrowing our quotes idea
John Cook



I would like to have a personal collection of AGW quotations to use in presentations, etc. Things like no more snow, the latest proposal to tattoo skeptics, the need to bring about the end of industrial civilization, etc.

I think this would be fun and useful and maybe Anthony could make a spot for it on the reference page. If nothing else, I would like to be sure I have correct attributions when I use these quotes.

BTW, I always considered the Climate Myths from U.S. Politicians to be the starting point. Am a big fan of continuing to deploy quotes by various skeptics and groups. Eg - the recent Tony Abbott post with all his quotes. At the moment, my vision only goes so far as regular blog posts highlighting various individuals/groups but I'm sure this could go further. I even thought about registering a new domain that is exclusively about denier quotes. Eg - the theme being "creating a permanent record of climate denial", "making deniers accountable for their words", etc. It could feature "denier of the week" or "quote of the day", etc. The beauty of using quotes is they're short and our one liner responses are short so it's a very easy entry level, but also providing the links to our rebuttals with their more detailed treatment.

Until some structure is devised, for now you can access the quotes for display via this quote search form. I used this to generate the Tony Abbott quotes.

Anyway, the potential is there to be exploited more aggressively - if others have ideas on where to take this, please chime in.

2011-06-08 14:46:49
Dana Nuccitelli
Oh good, WUWT is going to create a quote mining database. Get ready for the usual Climategate email quotes taken out of context all over again. For our database, with the Australian carbon tax debate heating up, maybe we should step it up with more Aussie quotes. Maybe do a post on Aussie politician myth quotes?
2011-06-08 14:55:53Yes to more Aussie quotes
John Cook


Asking for Aussie shock jock quotes on Twitter and FB, will do a post on that. Then onto pollies, probably

2011-06-08 14:58:34
John Mason


Oh dear - watch out for more copy & paste from denialist commentators then!

BTW - and apologies if you already know - if suspicious of a denialist comment, try pasting it all into Google to see if is just parrotting of a pre-existing item, and if so call them out on it. They hate that!

Cheers - John

2011-06-08 23:54:20Great minds think alike...
John Hartz
John Hartz

"Speaking of history, here's an idea. I propose we set up a wiki to serve as the "Climate History Book" as in, "will you go down in history as a climate hero or a climate criminal?" Every politician who knowingly shirks his/her responsibility for the sake of getting re-elected should be prepared to go on record with that position in the Climate History Book. Likewise every climate denialist. Come Judgment Day, and by that I mean the day when our children and grandchildren ask us what we did to protect their futures, back in the time when catastrophic climate change was still preventable, the record will speak for itself."

The above is the final paragraph of an excellent essay (including video) posted by Kelly Rigg on Huffington Post on May 31. Rigg's post, Countdown to 2012: The Road to Rio 20+, can be accessed at:


Any chance that Rigg's essay could be cross-posted on SkS? 

[Note: I originally posted tha above on General Chat on May 31.]