2011-06-02 09:07:05Denialist score card
Andy S


Here's an idea for tying together denialist tactics debunked in the Monckton, Carter, Lindzen series. Thi screenshot below comes from an article in New Scientist on denialism by Deborah MacKenzie. It's subscribers only, but if anyone wants a pdf, email me at agskuce@gmail.com The medical article linked to can be read in full here.

The idea is to make a table with each denialist having a column, with the rows being the six denialist tactics. The "cells" of the tables could be links to SkS articles or external links. Depending on how far gone they are, denialist could be awarded from one to six stars. I'm guessing that someone like Lindzen or McIntyre would earn about  four, while a Monkton or a Carter would comforatbly earn the full six.

2011-06-02 10:12:42Denialist tactics
John Cook

Funny you should mention this - I've been thinking hard about creating a table in the database of the 5 denial techniques in chapter 3 of Denial. Then map skeptic arguments to each technique. Then we can let the database do all the heavy lifting - map deniers to their articles then onto the arguments in their articles then onto the denier tactics.
2011-06-02 10:38:15About that manual...
John Hartz
John Hartz

I'll bet my sweet bippy that the Climate Denial Spin Machine not only has a manual of denial techniques, but also provides training to prospective blogger drones.