2011-06-02 01:51:221.5C


I'm glad to hear it being discussed at such a high level, but this is a rather frightening statement, and a real game changer if this is the consensus coming out of the UN

"Two degrees is not enough – we should be thinking of 1.5C. If we are not headed to 1.5 we are in big, big trouble."


2011-06-02 02:36:18Hoo-boy
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

If this is pushed, the US will simply back out of the UN.

Those politicos in charge of this country want to disband the FDA and NASA because of the perceived limits that even acknowledging that CO2 MAY be a problem...let alone actually being called on the carpet and being forced to do something about it.

Picture Charlton Heston (out of my cold, dead hands...)


2011-06-02 03:37:46
Dana Nuccitelli

Well, she's right about that.  Problem is given our current political atmosphere, it will basically take a miracle just to limit warming to 2°C.  The question is, will saying this do more harm than good.  Will it derail negotiations completely?  The US won't back out, but we probably won't agree to anything lower than a 2°C target.

Really the problem is that 1.5°C is scientifically necessary but politically infeasible.

2011-06-02 03:53:57


More of a poliitical than scientific problem (unfortunately) . Be carefull to not be trapped on this issue in the comments.

2011-06-02 07:32:02Popular resistance movements and civil disobedience may be the only way to move the bar...
John Hartz
John Hartz

If you like hard-hitti­ng articles about climate change and what needs to be done, you’ll want to read the "The Sky is Really Falling" by Chris Hedges posted May 30 on Common Dreams.

Here's the lead paragraph of the Hedges' article:

"The rapid and terrifying accelerati­on of global warming, which is disfigurin­g the ecosystem at a swifter pace than even the gloomiest scientific studies predicted a few years ago, has been confronted by the power elite with equal parts of self-delus­ion. There are those, many of whom hold elected office, who dismiss the science and empirical evidence as false. There are others who accept the science surroundin­g global warming but insist that the human species can adapt. Our only salvation — the rapid dismantlin­g of the fossil fuel industry — is ignored by both groups. And we will be led, unless we build popular resistance movements and carry out sustained acts of civil disobedien­ce, toward collective self-annih­ilation by dimwitted Pied Pipers and fools."

To access the entire article, go to: