2011-06-01 02:39:34Climate History Book -- Should SkS get on this bandwagon?
John Hartz
John Hartz

"Speaking of history, here's an idea. I propose we set up a wiki to serve as the "Climate History Book" as in, "will you go down in history as a climate hero or a climate criminal?" Every politician who knowingly shirks his/her responsibility for the sake of getting re-elected should be prepared to go on record with that position in the Climate History Book. Likewise every climate denialist. Come Judgment Day, and by that I mean the day when our children and grandchildren ask us what we did to protect their futures, back in the time when catastrophic climate change was still preventable, the record will speak for itself."

The above is the final paragraph of an excellent essay (including video) posted by Kelly Rigg on Huffington Post today (May 31).

Rigg's post, Countdown to 2012: The Road to Rio 20+, can be accessed at:


Any chance that Rigg's essay could be cross-posted on SkS?