2011-05-30 01:11:35New loony denier claim: It's Oxygen pollution, not Carbon pollution.
Rob Honeycutt


Ran into a new one yesterday.  On Peter Sinclair's channel one guy named RealOldGuy2 made the claim that it should be called "oxygen pollution" rather than "carbon pollution" because there are two O's and only one C in CO2.

This guy was not a complete dummy either.  He has (according to him) a background in fluid dynamics and modeling.  He says he teaches classes on climate change and has proven AGW wrong.  He's read a lot of the research and could quote passages of AR4.  But still this "oxygen pollution" bit.  

I think I clearly explained how the C is going from the ground to the air but the O's are coming from the air and staying in the air.  But I'm still a bit taken back by the whole thing.  Hoping it doesn't spread into another stupid brain dead meme.

2011-05-30 01:17:26A new SkS series???
John Hartz
John Hartz

"Looney Tunes"

That's all folks!


2011-05-30 01:25:00
Rob Honeycutt


Yes.  From the annals of the climate lunatic fringe.

(How do I manage to find these people?  Am I a luna-magnet?)

2011-05-30 03:27:10
Paul D


The scary thing is that he/she is claiming to teach it.

2011-05-30 04:06:44RealOldGuy's identity
John Hartz
John Hartz


Based on your description, I suspect that the person behind the "RealOldGuy" screen is the same person whoi is behind the infamous "Netdr" screen.

A few months ago, we had a discussion thread about the identity of the person behind the Netdr screen and his blog site where he had posted a set of equations that "prooved" AGW was incorrect.

If RealOldGuy and the Netdr are not the same person, they are definitely cut from the same cloth.

2011-05-30 04:50:11
John Mason


Bonkers..... weapons-grade so!


Cheers - John