2011-05-30 14:12:36Idea
Robert Way


I got to thinking a bit and I thought maybe we should consider doing a section on the website which shows the pro-agw scientists saying where they teach, their field of study, number of publications and number of climate related ones (if that's possible to determine)

What got me thinking of this is that people are often citing the Mann et al crowd (and gavin) as being the only ones who represent the consensus but there are in fact so many more out there who are probably as qualified if not more.

Maybe a blog post showing some of the lesser known climate change "heroes"?

W.R. Peltier (btw this guy has an unreal number of publications, 270+ by 2009)

D.T. Shindell

G.H. Miller

Anders Moberg

Lev Tarasov

Xuebin Zhang

Judith Lean

as well as many others people could think of. I just think that people all too often associate climate change with the key fixtures (Hansen, Mann, Schmidt, Jones...etc...) but forget that there's a plethora of other scientists behind the scenes whose credibility they would have a lot of difficulty attacking. Peltier for example, how would the skeptics attack that guy with that research record? PS this list is very north american centric ! haha

2011-05-30 14:22:07Addendum to this idea
John Cook


What if we combine your idea with the "Climate Scientists Explain" series idea, which I'm finally going to start in a week or two, kicking off with a post on coral reefs by Ove Hoegh-Guldberg. We could include bios of each scientist who guest posts, including their # of papers. And a page that summarises every scientist who has posted in our series with pic, etc - a nice way to show them all in the one page.

2011-05-30 15:03:50
Ari Jokimäki


Robert: "btw this guy has an unreal number of publications, 270+ by 2009"

Yes, It's an impressive number. However, I think it's relatively common for an experienced scientist to have hundreds of publications.

2011-05-30 15:44:53
Rob Painting

Sounds like a splendid idea Rob. I agree it's yet another one of those false narratives that "skeptics" like to create.