2011-05-28 07:35:54Conversation w. Curt Sager, author of "Deep Future"
John Hartz
John Hartz

Brenden DeMelle of DeSmog Blog has posted an interesting interview with Curt Sager, author of "Deep Future."

The interview is posted in two parts. Here are the links:





2011-06-21 11:57:15Just watched a Sager presentation
John Cook


Not a big fan of his geology mindset - he views the prospect of 6 to 70 metres sea level rise with an almost academic curiosity. Never mind the appalling misery and hardship this will cause billions of people - hey, there's always winners and losers with climate change! Don't care for that calavier kind of attitude.

2011-06-22 09:14:59


I haven't seen a presentation by him, but the interview with DeSmogBlog doesn't look bad.

The title of his book establishes a 100,000-year perspective: If we're looking at 70 meters of SLR over that range, we shouldn't panic.

Just saying ...