2011-05-27 23:57:48Tree money
Paul D


Got a meeting in London next month about getting loads of money from the government to plant trees in the area I live. Tree Wardens from all over the country and the Tree Council are meeting with Defra to see how we can apply for the cash and the best way to use it.
They have £4.2 million up for grabs over a 4 year period.


Was wondering about the cost of the ticket into London, not a lot £30 but us tree wardens don't have a lot of money to throw about. But today I managed to get two single tickets (journeys there and back) for £1.60!

Turns out Southern Rail have a 90% reduction for a couple days on their web site.
The site crashed a few times because everyone was doing the same thing. But I got up early, and managed to get some before it got overloaded again.