2011-05-27 00:17:44SkS Weekly Bulletin???
John Hartz
John Hartz

I believe that the time has come for SkS to post and distribute a weekly bulletin. It's primary purpose would be to provide a brief sammary of SkS posted during the week and a brief preview of wqhat's in the pipeline for the week ahead. Other bells and whistles (such as quote of the week, toon of the week, etc.) could also be incorporated into it as well.

I am willing to take this on if you all believe it would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Your feedback and suggestions are hereby solicited.

2011-05-27 03:12:44
Dana Nuccitelli

I like the idea.  Now that we're posting a schedule, we at least have some idea what posts are coming up in the following week, although there are often subjects and posts which pop up quickly and are unanticipated.

2011-05-27 05:31:59


A weekly bulletin is a huge burden and we may not be that effective. We could try starting with an irregular bulletin and eventually turn it into a regular bulletin later.

2011-05-27 05:40:36
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I am in favor of it as long as I don't have to do it (hey, just being honest).

So if you're volunteering, you have my thumb.

2011-05-27 06:16:59
Rob Painting

Sounds like a lot of work, but hey if you're volunteering........  

2011-05-27 08:22:41One way to approach a weekly bulletin
John Cook

Each week, just after posting the weekly bulletin blog post, Badgersouth starts a new thread here on the forum. As interesting news and articles come out, we all post the link in that thread so you have all the news collected in the one thread. So much of your legwork is cut down, you can copy and paste links straight from the thread.
2011-05-27 09:25:10Back to Basics
John Hartz
John Hartz

My concept for a weekly bulletin focuses on recapping the articles posted by SkS during the week informing readers of wha's in the pipleine. A few bells and whistles can be added to ligthen it up. 

With all due respect, what JC has suggested goes beyond what I had envisioned and am willing to take on.

I believe a brief weekly summary of SKS posts would be helpful because not everyone on the SkS mailing list will have had the time to open and read what has been distributed during the week. The weekly bulletin would be a follow-up reminder if you will. It should be distributed Friday evening/Saturday morning.  

There are any number of daily e-bulletins that one can suscribe to in order to keep abreast of news about climate change change. I do not believe SkS needs to get into that business as well.

Thank you.

John Hartz


2011-05-27 13:22:47No worries
John Cook


I misunderstood what you were talking about - what you describe sounds good also :-)