2011-05-26 04:38:54Dr Jay Cabury, phD = W. Happer?


Look at Cadbury's comment on the "Even Princeton Makes Mistakes" thread.  It's rather curious that his level of input is the same as Happer's... and he says they're friends!

Any chance he's a sock puppet for Happer?  Is the IP address from Princeton?

Of course, I don't really have any reason to say this... but I just got this weird feeling after reading both back to back, Happer's missive and Cadbury's comment.

2011-05-26 04:56:54Could be, if he's masking his IP
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey


IP Address Location

IP Address xxx.xx.xxx.xx
City Oakmont
State or Region Pennsylvania
Country United States
ISP Eldervision Corporation. 
Latitude & Longitude 40.521735   -79.842272   MapG  MapV
ZIP Code 15139

J Cadbury Hometown

2011-05-26 06:46:40
Rob Honeycutt


Found this post from our friend on Deep Climate.  Pretty funny...

Dr. Jay Cadbury, phd. 

Whatever at least this Wegman guy didn’t try to make a fake graph [edit ... ]

[DC: Let's stop right there. But thanks for reminding us of the main contrarian defence - baseless, unsubstantiated and false accusations. Now take it somewhere else. Thanks! ]

2011-05-26 06:51:10
Rob Honeycutt


Googling around a bit my sense is this is a pseudonym.  I also find it a leeettle suspicious that he capitalizes "Dr. Jay Cadbury" but leaves "phd" in all lower case.  Makes me think he's not really a PhD.  May be reading too much into that but my BS detector is all abuzz.

2011-05-26 06:52:05
Dana Nuccitelli

No way.  Cadbury, to be blunt, is a dimwit.  I've never seen him make a half intelligent comment on the site, and he's been a fairly prolific commentator.  Happer may have no clue when it comes to climate science, or perhaps is dishonest about the subject, but he's no dope.  Cadbury is.

I have a hard time believing the two are even acquaintances.  Maybe they went bowling together once or something.  I have a hard time believing Cadbury has been anywhere near Princeton.  I love his comment that he's not comfortable talking about his "phd",  and yet as Albatross noted in a subsequent comment, he puts it in his ID.  So, not comfortable talking about it, yet he advertises it prevalently?  I don't buy it.  If he has a PhD it's in underwater basketweaving.

2011-05-26 11:09:56
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Not to needlessly pile on the poor guy, but my cleaning lady makes more salient conversation.

Anyone so insecure as to fake a PhD (my belief) AND to put it into their Avatar screen name is a dim bulb indeed.  As evidenced by his deleted comments.