2011-05-26 00:05:12Deadly tornadoes churn across Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas
John Hartz
John Hartz

The mainstream media in the US is finally discussing the potential causal relationship between this year's outbreak of deadly tornadoes and climate change.

Here's a report on what happend yesterday (Tues., May 24). 


2011-05-26 02:29:40
Julian Brimelow

Badger,  Drs. Masters and Romm have a pretty good summary of the situation.  I also posted a link to Jeff's blog here on SkS. Sorry for the lack of links, I'm doing this on the fly, they should be easy to track down though.

Ironically, the though in Texas and western OK cold also be playing a role by influencing the dryline and perhaps even the low-level jet...but that is just my hypothesis and base don what I have read about soil moisture affecting the dryline in modeling studies (including some by Pielke Snr).

2011-05-26 06:32:22


Tamino has an interesting update.