2011-05-25 02:03:24NoTricksZone
John Hartz
John Hartz

A climate denial blogger provided a link to this German webiste. As best I can tell, it is another cog in the international Climate Denial Spin Machine. Does anyone from SkS monitor this particular site? Does SkS have someone from Germany in its stable of authors?


The founder of NoTricksZone, P. Gosselin, should be added to the SkS list of sceptics.

2011-05-25 02:16:38
Dana Nuccitelli

Rob H comments there (or at least he used to).  I did for a while, until the commenters started attacking me personally, and Pierre Gosselin suspended my account for complaining about it.  Basically it's like WUWT, only dumber.  It's denialists who really don't understand even the most basic climate science.  Lots of politics and conspiracy theories, little science content.

2011-05-25 02:21:27
Julian Brimelow



"it is another cog in the international Climate Denial Spin Machine"


Yup, you are bang on....

2011-05-25 02:39:34
Rob Honeycutt


I have a $5,000 bet going there that the current decade will be warmer than the previous decade.  They've managed to cover I think most of that bet in $50-$100 (read: penny ante) bets.  But then another guy came in on my side and, if I remember correctly, upped our side another $2500.

Dana's right.  They're a bunch of bone-heads over at NTZ.  I hit my wits end there when one of their regulars (who is supposed to be a retired physicist) posted a long article about how the greenhouse effect is saturated, citing the equipment for measuring downward flux radiation is "too tall" and is missing the fact that all the back radiation is occurring below 1m.

Yes.  What Dana said.  Real bone heads.

2011-05-25 05:49:49
Dana Nuccitelli

Yeah I think I threw in $500 on that bet, or something like that.  It was pretty funny to see all these guys claiming to be so confident the planet will cool, throwing down $10 bets on it.  It was probably 30 bets on their side vs. 6 on our side, and we had still put up far more money.

Sadly, the supposed retired physicist commenter there who claimed to have proven the greenhouse effect is saturated is probably the smartest commenter there by a wide margin.  They didn't like me because they thought I came off as condescending, but damn, it's hard not to when dealing with really dumb people who think they're really smart.  NTZ is like the Dunning-Kruger posterchild.