2011-05-25 10:00:55Climate Change Repartee: Report and Retort
John Hartz
John Hartz

"How a recent report on climate change put me toe to toe with Congressional climate refudiaters." is the subject of a very informative "GreenGok" blog by Dr, Bill Chameides posted (May 23) on Scientific America.


The report is of course the just released NRC report, "America's Climate Choices." Chameides was, as you know, vice-chair of the NRC committee that produced the report. 

Under the "It's a small world after all heading", the first lecture about climate change that I attended was given by Dr. Chameides shortly after he had Georgia Tech for the EDF. (The lecture was at the University of South Carolina in my hometown of Columbia.) Chameides is an excellent communicator of climate science.