2011-05-19 12:52:55ABC Lateline - Turnbull is one unhappy camper
Glenn Tamblyn


Lastnights ABC (Oz) Lateline was AWESOME. Watch Malcolm Turnbull, Expposition leader who nearly got an emmissions trading scheme up in partnership with then PM Kevin Rudd, before being ousted by 'Mad Monk' Tony Abbott was interviewed by Tony Jones


Watch him squirm as he is simply unable to back the Oppositions sad Climate Change policies, the opposite of what he believes.


Also amazing is how Climate Change can tie the minds of Conservatives up in knots. The left of centre Labour Government favours market mechanisms and the right of centre opposition favours regulations and direct Government intervention. Go figure.


http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/05/19/3220796.htm. Watch a reasonably decent guy (OK, with an ego the size of a mountain) trying to handle being in a bad place.