2011-05-18 16:27:56Announcing the winner of the dual signed copy of Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand
John Cook


Okay, the deadline has passed, the winner of the signed copy of Climate Change Denial is Ari with more than 2000 peer reviewed papers added to the database. Congrats to Ari, amazing work and congrats also to Rob who was also amazing. I see the launch of Paul's peer-review visualisation as just the first step in hopefully a significant crowd sourcing effort (and who knows where it could lead) but thanks to you guys, it's not just a small step for peer-review papers, it's a great leap for... ugh, trying to be too clever, you get the idea.

I got Haydn to sign one of the books that I brought back from Sydney so Ari, could you email me at john@skepticalscience.com to let me know where to post the book (plus if you'd like me to write any message with the signature). Note - I got 3 complimentary copies from England and they're of much higher quality than the books printed in Australia - the paper is whiter, thicker and the Aussie covers have a tendency to curl. So I'll send you a signed version of one of my English editions.

Lastly, I was sincerely hoping to get the visualisation done today but I'm just flat out both catching up on the backlog over the last few days and preparing for a talk I have to give on Thursday night. Really sorry I haven't been able to get to it yet but I am determined not to rush and send it out half-baked. So will resume work on it on Friday. Sorry Paul, you've been so patient! :-(

2011-05-18 16:55:38
Ari Jokimäki


Yay! :)

It was also a good effort from Rob. However, I did expect a final spurt... ;)


2011-05-18 18:48:22
Rob Painting

Yeah, sorry Ari, but I got side-tracked by bullshit about the Amazon. Congratulations by the way!.