2011-05-17 11:08:49May 17


Today is May 17 which is a national holliday in Norway. We cellebrate our indipendence as a soverign state from Sweden and Denmark which has governed our country for a few hundred years.

Our national freedom is cellebrated by our famous childrens parade.

Norway, Sweden and Denmark are today friendly neighbours, and we don't hate each others as we used to do for the last hundreds of years. We also speak a language which we with some difficulty (not very diffucult according to some) can understand across borders (the norwegian constitunional law is written in danish, and updates are still in danish).

So hereby I say hip, hip hurray to my country, and wish you all a happy day!

What happened in Norway of importance the last couple of days regarding climate science? Well, a few internet articles appeared stating that the climate changes in the arctic are permanent - google translate.

2011-05-17 13:26:39
Peter Miesler

Well I'll drink a toast to Norway, and to you tonight   :-)


thanks for the link:

Arctic heat provides extreme cold

 While Norway last year experienced the coldest November ever,

in December of that year Nuuk in Greenland was 16 degrees warmer than normal.

2011-05-17 16:46:06


I've been in Norway during my summer holidays a few years ago and really loved both the country a the people there. Happy to celebrate with you.