2011-05-16 12:50:11John Cook's Travel Plans
John Hartz
John Hartz

The following post (May 13) by Charlie Petit of the Knight Science Journalism Tracker could very well wind-up doing more harm than good. 

Speaking Further of Down Under, Australia Division Part I: I am among many who just got an email from Bud Ward, editor of The Yale Climate Media Forum, asking for money to help bring to the American Geophysical Union meeting in SF in December an influential New Zealand climate science blogger, John Cook. The appeal is aimed at climate scientists – it's not such a hot idea for journalists to send money to bring somebody to a US meeting, to shake things up a bit, and thus sculpt the news before it happens. But I am unsure of the ethics. Reporters do organize meetings once in awhile and invite speakers who then make news. So I do not condemn such a thing. If you're eager to help the cause you can dig up Bud's email etc. at Yale in a twinkling and pledge the suggested $100.

It's a reason however to bring attention to Cook's blog , a service to the public and to reporters alike. For more on him, read Andy Revkin's NYTimes-Opinion interview with him last year. Here's the latest posting there, by a guest who I gather is a California-based former physicist. It is a takedown of one prominently skeptical MIT scientist's set of arguments why global warming won't amount to much:

SkepticalScience – dana1981: Lindzen Illusion #7: The Anti-Galileo ; This post, natch, includes a link to the site's home page for more like that.


Dominion Post, etc: Jim Hansen in New Zealand, trash-talking coal and green pretensions ; + some bloggin’ and rap from Australia.


2011-05-16 12:57:38
Glenn Tamblyn


"New Zealand climate science blogger, John Cook"


JC, I know the Brisbane floods were scary, but you didn't have to move across the pond!

2011-05-16 15:26:59
Rob Painting

I'm going to see James Hansen's talk in Auckland this saturday, wasn't able to make his first talk there last week. I'm familiar with the talk, but attending something like this will be a novelty for me.