2011-05-16 12:30:38Green Smoke and Mirrors? Vatican Weighs in on Climate Change -- Fox News Report
John Hartz
John Hartz

The Climate Denial Spin Machine’s response to the Vatican report is embedded in “Green Smoke and Mirrors? Vatican Weighs in on Climate Change” posted on Fox News on May 11.

http://www.foxnews.com/ scitech/ 2011/ 05/ 11/ green-smoke-mirrors-vatican-weighs-climate-change/

As one would expect, the article itself is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. I bring it to everyone's attention because many of the more "prominent" skeptics are quoted. Mann as well.  

The basic bone of contention about the Vatican report is whether glaciers are retreating or advancing. I don't know if the skeptics quoted are saying anything on this topic that hasn't already been thoroughly debunked by SkS. 

If you have not read the Vatican report itself (only 15 pages), you can access it at:




2011-05-16 12:49:34
Alex C


It seems like the link is not working.

Edit: Hm, this one does.


2011-05-16 12:56:52Alex C
John Hartz
John Hartz

Muchos gracias!

2011-05-16 13:10:01Ugh
Alex C


"and the man behind the 2007 report that feared "the likelihood of [the Himalayan glaciers] disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner."

The authors of that section in question, actually, DON'T include Pachauri.  I don't know why they would, he hasn't received formal education in glaciology.  He's the chair of the organization, not necessarily a contributing author nor an editor.

""The [U.N.]-predicted warming of 1 degree between 2000 and the present has not happened -- instead it's gotten cooler!" [Easterbrook] told FoxNews.com. "As a result, some glaciers in the Himalayas have begun advancing, and glaciers in Alaska, Norway, and South America have also begun to re-advance."

Where did the IPCC ever predict a warming of 1˚(C?) by 2010?  Where in the world did that EVER appear?  Not here, I know.

Then they bring in Michaels to comment on the IPCC, and as expected... *rolls eyes* - maybe Michaels should talk to the authors of that chapter, not Pauchari, hm?

"Pachauri did not respond to FoxNews.com requests for more information, sent through his U.N. climate group. Neither did the climate group itself nor the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences return FoxNews.com requests."

Yeah, I wouldn't respond to a spin machine either.

"Why resources collected from parishioners were used for this is beyond me," Michaels told FoxNews.com. "There has been an increasing tendency over the years for churches to insert themselves into the global warming thing," he added."

HAHA, wow, did they really?

"The group also noted that another major risk to glaciers is the threat of nuclear war, and advocated a reduction in nuclear arsenals."

While that seems more like a last-second add on to start a nuclear flame war (yes, pun was intended), that would be a very interesting thing for them to say as the effects of a nuclear war would be closer to cooling, not warming, or am I mistaken?