2011-05-15 22:35:33Initial report on Sydney book launch
John Cook

Will post something more detailed later with photos when I get them. But just a quick update for SkSers before I go to sleep. Sydney launch was awesome. Around 120 people RSVPed so the bookstore put out 150 chairs. Those filled up so they put out another 50 chairs. Those filled up, there were people standing at the back and the bookstore had to turn away some people cause they couldn't fit anymore people in. So 220 people at launch.

All the speakers were great. John O'connor from the Climate Institute, Bob Carr ex Premier of NSW, Haydn and I talked at the end. It was a really positive receptive audience, I actually gained energy and confidence from them and even threw in a few jokes. Something very cool happened during my talk - I was talking about the various ways SkS has tried to communicate climate science. I mentioned Nigel Leck's Twitterbot, explained how it automatically responded to denier tweets and the audience spontaneously broke into applause. I can't wait to tell Nigel.

Overall, fantastic event. These book launches can be pretty cool! Still looking forward to getting back to my blogging dungeon but if this is what happens when I'm forced to come out of my comfort zone, I can't complain :-)

2011-05-15 22:52:30
Paul D


Well I hope it all brings money into the project one way or another.
Maybe you should consider writing for newspapers and magazines as a money earner?

On Climate Science of course.

2011-05-16 02:32:48
Julian Brimelow

Fantastic news John :)  Yay!

2011-05-16 02:52:46Recommendation
John Hartz
John Hartz

Hire an agent to get you on an international speaking tour.  

Kudos for all that you do!

2011-05-16 03:39:43
Dana Nuccitelli

Very cool John, congrats!

2011-05-16 06:53:31Hire an agent
John Cook

Nice idea but one little flaw. People who hire agents usually make money. I don't even make enough to support my family at the moment so I'll be keeping it simple for now :-)

On an aside, I'm coming out to San Francisco in December for AGU. So I'm hoping any SkSers within spitting distance will be able to come to an SkS get together during that week. There's also a possibility of a detour to British Columbia before AGU for a climate workshop but I'll post more as details get hammered out.

2011-05-16 15:39:19
Rob Painting

Glad to hear it was such a success!.