2011-05-14 05:14:45Windfarm wars
Paul D


Interesting series of four programmes started tonight on BBC, called windfarm wars:


Actually it was quite predictable, a bunch of pompous twits rejecting a wind farm application, one of which implied that they thought climate change is cyclical (refering to ice ages). I got the impression that a few probably had the same views.

The main objection was visual impact. That's the problem in the UK, it's the same with preservation orders on trees. It's the visual amenity value to humans that saves a tree, not it habitat value!
These laws in the UK are all about human aesthetics and nothing to do with the environmental impact.

If you can watch the show, it's worth watching just for the insights in to current UK planning procedures and law.
Apparently the case ended up in the high court in London, not sure what the outcome was, I assume rejection.

2011-05-14 05:19:48
Paul D


Maybe I should have looked at the RES web site first, eventually the wind farm was approved: