2011-05-11 20:32:20Interesting resource
Glenn Tamblyn


Interesting response on the Lindzen #6 thread Alan Betts #21 linked to congressional testimony from various climate scientists including Lindzen in front of Gores committee. Roundtable discussion from a group of Climate Scientists on clouds & water vapour feedback. What gems can we find in here.


"The October 7, 1991 testimony to the Senate Hearing before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate on "Global Change Research: Water Vapor and the Climate System" gives an informative perspective on the scientific perception of water vapor and cloud feedback issues in 1991. I have posted a full transcript of this hearing (which is otherwise unavailable on the web) at

This hearing, chaired by Senator Al Gore; including prepared statements by:

Albert Arking, Alan K. Betts, Robert Cess, Robert Charlson, Michael Hall, Richard S. Lindzen, V. Ramanathan, William B. Rossow, Shelby Tilford, Col. Robert Townsend and Kevin Trenberth

as well as the lengthy discussion that followed, which clarified several issues.

This hearing is an interesting snapshot of scientific opinion on the climate change issue in 1991. Speakers were invited to present a range of opinions. I was invited to present a counter argument to the negative feedback mechanism (upper tropospheric drying by deep convective clouds in the tropics) proposed by Lindzen at that time.

My prepared statement ("The Role of Clouds in Climate Change") is P33-37; Lindzen's is P14-20. The general discussion starts on P50. The discussion of Lindzen's hypothesis is mostly P64-76. Lindzen formally withdrew his hypothesis during the discussion (on P68 - this was news to Al Gore). However I don't think this retraction was well-publicized; and Lindzen has continued to suggest other mechanisms for low climate sensitivity - which are discussed elsewhere on this site."

2011-05-12 01:13:26
Julian Brimelow

Yes Glenn, Alan delivered us a gem.  We should not let it go to waste.

2011-05-12 03:14:10


Agree. I went through it reading here and there and found it a little precious lesson on water vapour and clouds. It can not get lost.

2011-05-12 04:25:00
Dana Nuccitelli

I mentioned it briefly and linked it in LI #7, but if anyone wants to do a more detailed post with this, feel free.  It is a very interesting read.