2011-05-10 15:50:13What we know and what we don't know
John Cook


Got this email feedback:

I was reading this page:
http://www.skepticalscience.com/news.php?n=725 about what scientists are saying about the site and amongst all those impressive comments, this stood out:

"The result is a website which clearly identifies what we know and what we don't know regarding climate change."

It stood out in the sense that I wonder if your home page could show 3 themes:

1) Most used skeptic arguments, which you have

2) A section similar to "What we know" about climate change

3) A section something like "What we don't know" about climate change

Maybe 2) is already covered by your "Big Picture" page... But maybe the phrase "What we know" is more direct for readers?

Interesting idea - I don't think I'll get to pursue it but if anyone wants to run with this, they're welcome to :-)