2011-04-30 06:40:23Heartland Institute to Host 6th International Conference on Climate Change in Washington on June 30
John Cook



2011-04-30 07:30:07
Dana Nuccitelli

I see the usual cast of slimy characters will be in attendance.  No mention of Lindzen or Christy though.

2011-04-30 08:07:35
Julian Brimelow

Sigh. I see some more SkS posts in the works......at least it is in late June.   Dana and Bickmore have already highlighted the egregious problems with Christy, Spencer and Lindzen.  How did Michaels squeak under the radar?  Oh wait, Daniel is working on that :)

2011-04-30 08:25:11
Julian Brimelow

If I may be so naughty:

"Heartland will be joined in Washington by dozens of FF industry shills, conspiracy theorists and dozens of discredited scientists who make the strawman argument that “the science is settled” on the causes, consequences, and policy implications of anthropogenic global warming"

Are they really serious with the theme of their conference?

"End of the Delusion"

It would be naive of me to assume that their delusion and denial will be remedied by attending this event?  I know, but we can always hope....

And they have Tim Ball at the top of the list?!!  WTF!?

And last but not least "The theme of the conference is 'End of the Delusion,' reflecting the fact that a majority of scientists and the general public now realize past claims of scientific consensus and predictions of climate catastrophes were simply wrong."

Umm, that would demonstrably false.  And how can they claim that when we have not even doubled CO2 yet, talking about counting your chickens before they have hatched?  And spot the "strawman", the reference to "catastrophes"-- does that word even appear in AR4?

Let me try and fix that:

"The theme of the conference is 'End of the Delusion,' reflecting the fact that a majority of "skeptics" now realize that they are horribly wrong about the science and observed impacts of anthropogenic global warming, and want to end their delusion and make amends."

I'm sure that people can easily improve on my very weak efforts above.