2011-04-29 20:09:51Shaping tomorrows world and google reader


Hi, I'm not sure if anybody here uses google reader.

I do, and it is very useful for checking out the latest post in my favorite climate change blogs and news site.

I came across a weird problem with the web page Shaping tomorrows world and google reader. I was trying to add it to the reader but it always came out like I was already subscribed to it - and google reader thought I was trying to subscribe to skeptical science (wich I am).

Anybody knows what is going on - and John, do you have the magical power to fix it so I can read shaping tomorrows world on my google reader?  :)



2011-04-29 21:44:00Hmm, glitch
John Cook

I must've coded something wrong on STW. Will check it out, thanks for the heads up.