2011-04-29 08:33:03Loading the Dice


I wonder if we can get Gleick to do a post here.  This one is really good, and pertinent, and is the reason I do what I do.  Although this lack of movement in the face of real human pain is demoralizing and gets me down and pessimistic (excuse the melodrama), we can't allow anyone, whatever their political affiliation ignore it any longer.  'Loading the dice' should move beyond climate circles and become the phrase to use when discussing extreme weather events.

2011-04-29 11:12:48


Yes.  A really good article.

I've noticed that the deniers on Huffpo tend to get jumped on more often and harder than formerly.  Of course, as one of the jumpers-on, I may be a tad guilty of observer bias. :-)

2011-04-29 11:24:48
Rob Painting

A great read. Thanks grypo. We should be writing more about extreme events because they are going to become more frequent and severe, and it's an effective way of piercing the public consciousness. I have one in mind about the massive floods the continental US used to experience in the distant past, they make current flood episodes pale in comparison. It'll give some idea how much worse things could likely become.  

One day soon the dice is going to roll a 7, I wonder how the "skeptics" are going to spin that.