2011-04-22 04:34:49UK is closing down
Paul D


Tomorrow is a holiday, Monday is a holiday, next Friday is a hoilday and the Monday after that is a holiday. Large numbers of people are taking the 3 days that aren't a holiday next week, as holiday. So basically for the next 11 days, most of the UK is not available.

if you do business with UK companies, don't expect much to happen for quite a while.

2011-04-22 05:33:20
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Thanks, I think.

No BBC dis-information bits, then?

2011-04-22 06:09:33
Paul D


Well, to keep on subject...

It's ridiculously hot and dry for April.
Thankfully rain is predicted for Saturday.

2011-04-22 12:16:07


"It's ridiculously hot and dry for April."


It was so hot in the UK today I had to check my calender to make sure it isn't August.  :)

2011-04-22 16:40:46
Paul D


I should point out that a combination of a late Easter, an annual bank holiday and the Royal wedding are all coinciding to produce this extended holiday.

2011-04-22 17:22:23Warm and sunny Germany...


....does have its advantages! Just check out this website showing current PV electricity "produced" in Germany:


The map gets darker almost by the minute as the sun rises to reach its peak around noon (the last couple of days it went up to 12 GW then).

2011-04-22 17:26:19


It's ridiculously hot and dry for April [in the UK]

Indeed it is difficult to resist the temptation to remind the Deniers about what they claimed during the 'cold December' in this country. Strange how it doesn't prevent them 'reminding' me that Britain is a small area and the present heatwave is nothing to do with climate but just the local weather! However, these very same people either participated in the hysteria back in December or sat back, and allowed the propaganda to spread. 

This really exposes their level of hypocrisy and true motives.

2011-04-22 17:49:53


Suggestions on how to avoid seeing or hearing about the Royal Wedding gratefully accepted.

I understand there are a few Republican parties in London. Perhaps I could sell some model guillotines?

2011-04-22 21:11:29


I should travel from Sicily to UK to get some nice weather. We are currently some 8 °C below today's temperature in London, overcast and forecast of rain.

I remember a winter heat wave in Greenland when it was warmer there than in Sicily for a few days. Weather and climate can be wildly different.

2011-04-22 23:19:46
Paul D


Actually my comment was more to do with changing seasons, rather than weather.

2011-04-23 19:36:37
Dikran Marsupial
Gavin Cawley

I am hoping to be playing cricket (although the match is being billed as "republicans-versus-royalists")


P.S. I am at work today ;o)