2011-04-18 07:46:08Elections in Finland


I read on a news site about the elections in Finland and the victory of a new ultra-conservative party. There's any similarity with the Tea Party in USA for what concern environmental policy or are they just "euro-sceptic"?
I guess Ari is our man on finnish politics :)

2011-04-18 15:19:56
Ari Jokimäki


Well, I don't follow politics that much, but the party in question is not as bad as that, I think, but they do seem to be climate science deniers. Their climate program belittled the problem and the leader of the party has been overheard saying that global warming is just a conspiracy.

2011-04-18 16:09:27Quotes from Finnish skeptics
John Cook


Ari, if you think it would be worthwhile, we could always collect climate myth quotes from Finnish politicians (a la http://sks.to/skepticquotes) and output them in a single document - I could do a Finnish version of the quotes page that displays the Finnish one-liner rebuttal. Perhaps it cold be released with a Finnish press release and distributed to Finnish climate groups?

I'm happy to do the programming if you have people happy to do the legwork to track down quotes.

2011-04-18 17:41:36


A few years ago some of the leading Czech politicians were very vocal about the non-warming of the Earth. I don't know if it's still worthwhile to dig that up...

2011-04-18 21:12:54
Ari Jokimäki


I have to see about that. The thing is that here politicians are very cautious about saying such things (standard denier claims) in public. There are only a few well-known public figures in Finland making the claims:

- Finnish broadcasting company has couple of journalists that have done a few very bad climate "documents" (parroting practically every standard claim there is). The company has apparently aired them thinking that they are also giving the alternative view a fair showing and probably not realizing that the shows in question are filled with lies.

- Finnish EU parliament representative Eija-Riitta Korhola is one of those people who will first make a standard denier claim and then declare that she does believe in AGW - the same class as Curry, Muller, et al.

- Husband of Eija-Riitta Korhola is Atte Korhola, who is professor of environment (or something like that). He does the same as his wife. He was one of the authors of the Hartwell paper. Both Korholas have been very vocal about climategate in a same fashion as Muller recently.

- Boris Winterhalter is geologist who has gone emeritus. Seems to be against everything in mainstream science. He is mentioned in Hearland Institute's "global warming experts" list. Usually goes around climate news sites making comments where he emphasizes the uncertainties in the reported study and making innuendo about scientists overstating their conclusions because they want more funding. I had a rare experience in a discussion recently where I showed one of his claims wrong so clearly that he had to admit he was wrong. I think this was about his claim that IPCC doesn't discuss water vapor as most important GHG. It was very clearly stated already in IPCC FAR, so it was easy to show wrong.

- Ari Vatanen, former world champion rally driver, I don't know his current status, but at least tried to get to EU parliament and tossed around standard denier claims while campaigning.

- "Jean S" - McIntyre's right hand and claims to be some kind of scientist. Pretty much the same argumentation style with McIntyre. Doesn't want to reveal his name because apparently his career would be ruined, but not because he's spreading lies - according to him it's because other people will not tolerate those who don't accept the mainstream dogma.

That's about it. I might have forgotten some of them.

2011-04-19 01:31:15comment
Robert Way


There's quite a few canadian ones who are pretty anti-climate change too... We're in an election cycle right now and climate change is a non-issue it seems.

Here's a comic on the issue which is clever... but sad :( Poor Canada and its environmental policy