2011-04-16 19:44:09Competition: Communicating the future - explaining climate change through graphics


The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges:



2011-04-16 21:39:55
Paul D


Not sure the visualisation fulfils this requirement:

"communicate the basic knowledge about man-made climate change, be it the cause or direct/indirect consequences"

Also this isn't acceptable, who are they kidding??:

"be submitted under the understanding that copyright and the right to distribution is transferred to the Minor Foundation free of charge"


It's a competition for minor-foundation to get some free work done.

2011-04-16 21:43:46Copyright
John Cook

I saw the competition, thought we might submit our peer review visualization as an animation or the human fingerprints as a slideshow or animation - then I saw that too- that they own the copyright of any submissions. Which means we lose any control of the graphics - we can't offer it as vpcreative commons. They own it, control it. Not a good competition to enter.