2011-04-15 06:00:05Fried My Keyboard Today
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Was catching up on my blog reading over at Open Mind this morning & one of Tim Curtain's finer moments made me choke on my coffee.  Didn't spray it across the monitor or keyboard, but managed to knock over a water bottle (thought [wrongly] empty) across the keyboard.  A fine example of dexterity.

So the meme about warning someone about the dangers to the reader upon viewing are not apparently entirely apocryphal.

Wife's shopping for a new one as we speak (I'm on her laptop).

2011-04-15 06:03:39
Julian Brimelow

That is funny Daniel :)  At least it wasn't the screen or even worse the CPU.


2011-04-15 06:09:10
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

One of the few advantages of working on a desktop PC.  The peripherals take it hard, but the towers do OK (but it's the tower most in need of an upgrade; it's on year 4 now).

My wife fried the last keyboard with her coffee 2 years ago.  :)

2011-04-15 06:15:49


Reminds me of a MacIntosh laptop that I left near an open window one sunny Munich day several years ago. However, while I was out, the sunny day became rainy, and the laptop keyboard and trackball got soaked.

When I got back, I drained it out and applied a hairdryer. It helped a bit, but the trackball still didn't work properly.

The next day, I took it into the office, and a colleague basically opened up the keyboard and took apart the trackball. (I felt like I was watching someone do open-heart surgery on me.)

Amazingly enough, he actually got it to work.

2011-04-15 08:45:12
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey


I'd give it a shot, but I'm sure the wafer board is fried.  It was 10 years old, so it had had a good life...