2011-04-12 14:26:41Went through peer review paper thread and dated all undated papers.
Alex C


So all of the papers should have dates now.  I tried to put the month and year where I could find them, and could for most.  Some have only years, perhaps the journals are annual publications.  Anyways, hope that helps with the data visualization app, and let's make sure that we date our papers :) (*cough* whoever put in 50+ papers dealing with glaciers...)

2011-04-12 16:46:07Thanks Alex
John Cook


I went through and dated about a dozen of the undated pages a few days ago but hadn't got around to returning to finish the rest. Thanks for doing this, those now all go into the animation (they wouldn't have previously).

Am now emailing Zvon about a possible collaboration, importing their paper info into our database. Could help add some really useful meta-data to our database.