2011-04-10 13:28:10Hudson Bay Climate Data 1700-1979


I'm not sure how to slot this into the scientific papers database, so I'm posting it here.


This paper may be of use to authors in their rebuttals of various 'Little Ice Age' and 'no warming' arguments.

The study shows clear warming trends in the Hudson Bay area since about 1888 with periods of natural variability.

During cold intervals, in some instances, days were colder but not nights.


Reconstruction of Seasonal Temperatures and Sea-level Pressures in the Hudson Bay Area back to 1700
Joel Guiot, Canadian Climate Centre.

The Hudson Bay reconstruction is a study in which historical data were re-examined as proxies for Hudson Bay regional temperatures and trends.  Trend analysis shows warming at the end of the 19th century.  The years 1700 to 1979 were covered, with extrapolations of missing data.

"From the reconstructions it is clear that the 18th and 19th centuries were colder than the 20th both on an annual and seasonal basis."

"[In the data analysis] the years 1972/1978, 1956/1969 and 1959 are representative of the cold periods, mainly 1805-1839, ..."

"Reconstruction of Temperature and Pressure for the Hudson Bay Region from 1700 to the Present", translation of "Reconstructions des champs thermiques et barométriques de la région de la Baie d'Hudson depuis 1700" by Joel Guiot, Canadian Climate Centre Report NE 86-11, Toronto: Atmospheric Environment Service, 105 pp, 1986.