2011-04-06 01:53:59Record Depletion of Arctic Ozone Layer Causing Increased UV Radiation in Scandinavia


It seems that ozone depletion has been eclipsed by the attention given to AGW in recent decades, However, the two issues may be partially linked so we shouldn't be surprised at this.

The current amount of ozone depletion above the Arctic is far beyond that recorded for any other spring, over the time when ozone has been measured by modern instrumentation........

The stratosphere has been observed to cool, following the rise of greenhouse gases (GHGs), because heat that would otherwise reach the stratosphere is trapped below, warming the surface. The situation for the Polar Stratosphere is more complicated because of dynamical heating by waves generated in frontal systems. For several years, however, scientists have noted that the coldest winters in the Arctic stratosphere are getting colder, a development that enhances the ozone-destroying efficiency of the remaining CFCs and could be linked to rising levels of GHGs. "The current winter is a striking continuation of this tendency