2011-04-06 22:44:47He's baaaackk!
John Cook


Monckton's carbon tax tour, joy of joys!


With a supporting cast of the usual suspects...

2011-04-07 02:36:34damn
Dana Nuccitelli

Son of a bitch, he'd been quiet for so long that I thought maybe we'd crushed his evil spirit!  Lovely, he's got McKitrick, Jo Nova, and David Evans along too.

2011-04-07 04:27:55
Rob Honeycutt


Hmmm....  Makes me wonder what happened to their old sources of money that they even need to put out a flyer like this.  One would generally assume that if your first foray is successful that second round funds are easy to come by with a few phone calls.  

Apparently not.

2011-04-07 04:34:15
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

He may spake the Kings Anglish, but the grammar in ye flyer doth suck.

Tight up for cash...economy's bad even for denialist disinformers.

2011-04-07 04:39:02
Alex C


>>>who are interested in a transparent debate on the science

Say what?  With that posse?

Transparent like a specter - no material.

2011-04-07 08:12:25


The leaflet doesn't describe Monckton as a scientist, a nobel prize winner or a former adviser to Mrs. Thatcher.  Is this part of a trend away from blatantly untrue statements?

Paraphrase: we think it is evil for the government to ask for money.  We will explain why that is so if you give us your money. 

Reminds me of phishing emails, somehow.  :-)