2011-04-05 06:54:53Pielke Sr gives 1998 argument
John Cook


As well as being in peer-review mode (adding any peer review paper I encounter to the db), I'm now also in quote mode. Just saw this quote from Pielke Sr so added it to the db:

...I have reproduced below the current plots of lower tropospheric temperature anomalies. The trend of temperatures using that climate metric is NOT accelerating, and, indeed, has not even been positive for over 12 years!

Note: this won't go up anywhere on the site yet as we're only showing politician quotes but it doesn't hurt to add quotes from other skeptics - they'll end up going public as we expand the quotes resource. So Pielke has one quote so far but I'm sure there are other quotes where he denies global warming to be added:


2011-04-05 07:52:17slacker
Dana Nuccitelli

Funny, I don't see him actually plotting or analyzing the data since 1998 on that page.  The trend since 1998 is positive according to:





Wood for Trees composite

Although if you leave out the first few months of 2011, some of the trends are negative.

2011-04-05 07:59:52
Julian Brimelow

Thanks Dana, I thought as much. Maybe Pielke making the same mistake as Christy could also be mentioned in the upcoming Christy post?

Again, as has been discussed ad nauseum here and elsewhere, focussing on short-term in temperature, GSL and OHC is statistically meaningless and deceptive.  For guys like Christy and Pielke to engage in this sort of nonsense/distortion is disingenuous on their part and completely unacceptable.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is bordering on scientific misconduct.  These characters really do disgust me-- they are an embarrassment to the scientific establishment.

2011-04-05 08:09:37satellites
Dana Nuccitelli

Especially in the satellites, which have much larger ENSO variations.  If you look at those plots I linked, there's a huge spike in UAH/RSS at 1998, but much less in the surface stations.  Thus focusing on short-term temps and only looking at satellite data is extra dishonest.  I can kind of understand Christy/Spencer doing it, since UAH is their data set, but Pielke has no excuse.